Treatment with a microscope

The quality of the treatment with a microscope significantly exceeds the traditional treatment without a microscope. We use microscope in treatment of dental caries, root canal, prosthetic and surgical procedures. Thanks to the microscope, the dentist does not treat blindly, but acts exclusively within the affected tissues, without affecting the healthy one.
Nowadays dental treatment with a microscope is the gold standard for performing accurate, clear and confident manipulations with your teeth.

You cannot treat what you do not see
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Dentist working with microscope can perform treatment manipulations with high accuracy and confidence.
Microscope enlarges targeted area and also provides ample light that makes all tiny details, cracks, root canals and corners visible.


The procedures performed under the microscope are more comfortable for the patient. During dental manipulations the patient lies in a comfortable posture and the face of the dentist is located on a considerable distance from him. This avoids the feeling of discomfort associated with the introduction into the patient's private space, as well as overcoming the fear of dental instruments.


The dentist manipulates with the most tiny and miniature dental instruments that work gently within the damaged tissues, without affecting the healthy one. In this case, we receive the minimum possibility of complications appearing associated with the implementation of endodontic manipulations.
Such careful treatment significantly prolongs the life of your teeth.


The microscope used by doctor Stankevych is the best microscope among all currectly existing at the moment.
ZEISS OPMI pico microscope makes details and fine structures clearly visible. Dentist can better visualize the regions of interest and consistently provide patients with high-quality examinations and treatments.
As well the microscope is equipped with a camera for documenting the process of your teeth treatment and you can admire the result of dentist's work in the most convenient form.